VERY BAD- Soldiers were tortured while some others released in Beled-Hawo battle.

Yesterday’fighting in Beled Hawo town of Gedo region has reportedly been targeted particular people, after the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) recaptured it.

Different sources in Beled Hawo district say that some Jubaland soldiers were wounded or totured in the fighting while others from the same Jubaland forces were rescued.

Col. Abdullahi Dhere, the NISA Monitoring Commander who is also described as the black file of president Farmajo, is said to have ordered the killing of 13 wounded Jubaland soldiers, those surrendered to the Somali Federal Government with their injuries to be rescued.

Footages recorded by specially trained Civil Defense Force officers, under the command of Col. Abdullahi Dhere has taken over social media,

The scene showed wounded soldiers on the ground tied up and beaten by security forces, later reported shot all of them and their weapons has been taken.

The order was reportedly issued by Col. Dhere in which described it as a lesson to those who oppose Farmajo’s rule.

On the other side Col. Abdullahi Dhere has ordered the release of 35 Jubaland soldiers who were besieged by government forces in the center of Beled Hawo town after the Jubaland forces were defeated.

One of the officers in battle denied to allow some soldiers to be shot or released, and he was taken into custody on charges of disobeying orders during the battle.

Informed sources say that the released troops were same clan with Col. Abdullahi Dhere while the victims are said to be from other clans living in Jubaland.

This is a scandal for the Somali Armed Forces to hunt down and save some as a community.

Yet there is no official report from the Somali government towards these pain full deeds.

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