Somalia: Somali Snapchat Guru Raises U.S.$27k for a Girl’s Medical Treatment in Turkey

A Mogadishu girl from a poor background who has been affected by a rare skin disease is expected to fly to Turkey after wellwishers raised $26,947 through a Snapchat campaign.

Dahir Qureishi has one of the highest number of followers on Snapchat in Somalia and took advantage of this to help in charity work.

He met Rodo Yarisey a teen girl from Madina neighborhood walking on Liido beach .

“I was touched by her story and considering she is from a poor family i decided to ask my followers to help me out” Qureishi told Radio Dalsan.

“I posted videos of her on a daily basis and I wpuld get up to 20000 views.My followers were touched and started sending their donation” Qureishi said.

His followers are found across Somalia and a large number is in the diaspora in North America Europe Australia and Africa .

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