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Somalia President Focuses on Security, Stability Ahead of Elections


Incumbent Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has vowed to focus on establishing security and political stability if parliament gives him another term in next week’s crucial election in Mogadishu.

In an exclusive interview with VOA, Mohamud said his primary priorities will be to work on the security of the country.

Mohamud said he wants to “complete the unfinished business.”

“Security was our first priority and it still remains our first priority,” he told VOA Somali on Friday evening. “We will end the threat coming from anti-peace elements and we will lay foundations for reliable security agencies in the country.”

Asked why he failed to stop al-Shabab attacks on key government installations in Mogadishu, Mohamud said the group has now resorted to attacking vulnerable targets.

“In 2012, al-Shabab was attacking the presidential; in 2014, they attacked the parliament, the law courts, and the U.N. HQs. That cannot happen today and it does not happen,” he said.

In a speech to parliament Thursday, Mohamud vowed to rebuild the army to take over the security of the country within two years, and to prepare for popular elections in 2020.

The 62-year old former civil society activist says another priority will be to create political stability in the country. He said the country needs a “national political system.”

“First and foremost of this is completing constitutional review, establishing electoral and political parties’ laws,” he said.

Jawaab Dhaaf

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