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Lawmaker calls for KDF withdrawal from Somalia


Balambala MP Abdikadir Aden has joined the list of politicians calling for withdrawal of Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) from Somalia.

The MP says that it is time for the President Uhuru Kenyatta led government to recall KDF from the war tone country.

According to the legislator, KDF should be recalled from Somalia and re-deployed to guard porous Kenyan boarders.

“President Uhuru Kenyatta as the commander of the armed forces  should seriously consider withdrawing KDF from Somali and have them military men and women deployed to guard our boarders,” he said as quoted by the Star.

The MP noted that though KDF mission in Somalia has been slightly successful continued attacks by Al Shabaab on the KDF camps raises serious concerns.

He said the country cannot afford to continue loosing innocent military men and women to Al Shabaab militia.

He stated that the country’s security will be guaranteed if the soldiers are deployed on boarders.

On Friday suspected Al Shabaab militants attacked a KDF camp in Kulbiyow Somalia, and according to the national government, nine KDF soldiers were killed in the attack with over 70 Al Shabaab militants said to have been felled by KDF soldiers.

Jawaab Dhaaf

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