Kenyan warplanes bomb Al Shabaab

Kenyan fighter jets have bombed Al Shabaab hideouts near Kulbiyow town, in a bid to response attack on its base that killed dozens of its soldiers.

The jets hit several areas, believed to be members of militants, who carried out on Friday’s attack on the KDF camp near Kenyan border, a witness said.

The militants also used RPGs to defend the strikes from themselves, another witness named as Hassan tells Garsoor Online.

In an interview with media based in Mogadishu, colonel Shine said that the airstrikes targeted militants’ bases near the town.

No deaths and injuries are yet to be established.

Neither Kenya nor Al Shabaab commented on air-raids near Kulbiyow town close to Somalia-Kenya border.

Abdirizak Mohamud Tuuryare


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