Col. Abdallahi Dheere accused of Bombings kill civilians in Lower Shabelle and Bay regions.

In the past months, there were numbers of bomb attacks in defferent place in Lower Shablle and Bay regions, South Somalia. An unnamed Somali intelligence official has revealed that a NISA official was behind the bombings that killed civilians and deliberately ordered the bombings. The first incident, A bus carrying civilians on the outskirts of Afgoye district in Lower Shabelle was hit by a rocket and the order was reportedly issued by the NISA Monitoring Commander Col. Abdallahi Dheere.

The second incident took place in Bula-Fulay area of ​​Bay region after a madrassa attacked a Quranic school in the area and killed at least 17 children and their teacher and injured 23 people including children and adults, as the source says.

The third incident was reported to have taken place in Kurtunwaarey District of Lower Shabelle Region after a bombardment of a primary / middle school in the district injuring most of the students and also teachers. All of these incidents are said to have been ordered by Col. Dhere and accused of persevering in the raids and ignoring official information provided by the officers leading the operation.

The officer was accused of abuse of power and often repressed fellow officers, according to officials close to him. Yet there is no any law action by the government, while Mr Abdullahi Dhere is continuing his disliked orders.