Candidates addressing parliament ahead of polls

The presidential candidates running for the president of Somalia are due to begin their campaign speeches at the Parliament in Mogadishu on Thursday evening.

The committee organizing election of the President, 8 candidates, including the incumbent Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who is seeking a re-election will attend presidential debate.

The presidential hopefuls addressing the parliament are as following;

  1. Ahmed Mohamed Abdi
  2. Zakariye Mohamud Haaji
  3. Bashiir Raage
  4. Jibril Ibrahim Abdulle
  5. Saiid Abdullahi Deni
  6. Hassan Sheikh Mohamed
  7. Dr. Saiid Iise Mohamed
  8. Sheikh Shariff Ahmed

According to the presidential election committee, the debate will be concluded on Sunday, next week and the election of the president will be held on February 8, 2017.

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