Al Shabaab executes 4 men in Somalia by firing squad

Al shabaab said it has executed four Somali men “found guilty” of working for Somali and foreign Intelligence agencies in Jamame town in Lower Jubba region on Sunday afternoon.

The alleged spies, include Siyad Ali Abdi, 26, convicted of facilitating CIA drone airstrike in small towns in Hiiraan region which killed at least 150 Al shabaab fighters in March, 2016.

Abdi was beheaded, while the other three alleged spies Ahmed Ibrahim, 28, Yusuf Makaran, 58, Abdullahi Omar Hassan, 26 were shot dead by a firing squad, according to Al shabaab.

All were convicted of collaborating with Kenya, US and Somali Intelligence agencies and they were detained in Al shabaab-held areas in South and central Somalia.

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